There’s Another Way



Step away from the mechanisms of mainstream influences which can be limiting & controlling to move towards interchanging alternative knowledge & notions with insightful recommendations that may seem innovative or advanced at first but are in fact linked back to ancient times.

If you are ready & looking to establish a clear frame of mind, reanimate a balanced state of
being, reorganise your personal dynamics, reawaken a new sense of self as you reconnect
with the bigger picture ~ while most crucially still being able to function in this reality, then
this is a fantastic place to start.

There’s Another Way will build around your own personal fields of interest & aspects that
you value as you begin to transform & replace conventional, conforming or obsolete
patterns of thought & behaviour enabling you to open your mind & regenerate your life.

When you are done with the ‘professionals’ and discover they can only take you so far as
they don’t have all the answers or if you have already sought help from ‘guru’s’ who do not
follow what they profess, perhaps instead you are simply tired of jumping from bandwagon
to latest fad back onto yet another bandwagon or maybe you would simply prefer to start
your journey with me alongside & the safeguarding measures I have in place. Rather than
break this information down into the long list of topics (as I have done so in Metaphysics In
Action) in actuality it is more effective to have three main tiers; Snapshot / Accumulation /
Expansion as differentiated starting places covering any material pertinent to you.


Take a look within all the spheres of your current surroundings & personal interests to provide a description which gives you an understanding of your situation at this particular time. Then you can identify the areas within mainstream conventions that you want to depart or deviate from & which parts you want to pursue or rekindle with new perspectives & perceptions.


Begin assembling & constructing a substantial foundation of a diverse range of
unconventional material which is relevant & readily available for the specific areas of your
life. This is best described as the formation phase as you will begin to learn how to research
new content, branch out & create new choice points. Pull through greater wisdom &
recognise which roads to travel down & ones to avoid.


When you have integrated a clear & stable understanding of the many alternative & openminded philosophies, techniques, therapies, modalities (list is extensive) then this is the domain of amplification through more extensive erudition, enabling you to embody ‘your new way’. This is the epitome as you become the expression of the new direction you are moving in.

“This will open new possibilities & potentials, bringing inremarkable and notable improvements in many areas of your life”

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