The Morphic Field



Encounter the composition of the quantum & metaphysical terrain to elevate your senses & perception.
Experience the expansive quantum & metaphysical territory yourself. This may open-up knowledge that you are already intuitively pursuing & assist in providing safe trails to set out on. Choose from Subtle Bodies Work, The Healing Craft, Vital Life Force or Morphic Field Connection. Splicing together knowledge from either my Metaphysics In Action or Return To You packages with actual immersion will support your awakening process by coalescing information.

Subtle Bodies Work

This covers your electromagnetic field & provides an indication of the stability & solidity of your energetic layers. Introducing the basics of energy arrangement in the form of particles, wavelengths & vibrational frequencies will support your awareness with how these forces work within & around you.

The Healing Craft

This is a gentle non-invasive alternative method of uncovering blocks, tension, trauma & stagnation. Recognising the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspects of yourself can generate the easement & shift in energy allowing for your own inner healing techniques to activate. Once this commences you can determine the modalities you are guided to explore further.

Vital Life-Force

Within you & connected to every single cell in your body is your vital life-force (often referred to as kundalini). This energy is largely misunderstood, laying latent yet in a state of creative potentiality. I can determine the level of dormancy & gently begin to move this from inert to active energy. Although I caution against the quickening of this current from any external sources, my method will connect you directly to your life-stream, enabling the rising to occur at a safe speed suited to your own personal progression. This is the time to bring forth alternative knowledge surrounding the synergetic effect of the ‘upper’ or ‘finer’ organs known as the pituitary & pineal glands as well as the connecting function of cerebrospinal fluid.

Morphic Field Connection

Through prior consultation if you have already travelled far enough along your path of selfawareness & self-recognition & feel ready to step through the threshold of dimensions, moving through time & space to garner your own personalised information I will work alongside you, holding the space necessary to travel through your morphic field. Although this may take more than one session it can build exponentially.

“To see, feel & know your own way through the energetic densities by coalescing theoretical knowledge with direct involvement is the ultimate way to discover the orchestration of the morphic field”.

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