Return To You



Reclaim your whole self from the gathering stresses, tensions &. pressures which occupy space in your life using natural, alternative techniques.

To embark upon your inward journey of self-discovery; to stop & face your issues; to heal & overcome trauma; to reconcile, resolve & rise-above transgressions; to begin the process of repair & renewal and to enrich & elevate your existence through revealing suppressed knowledge that will help you is the substance of Return To You.

State Of Being

Understand the significance of ‘home’ & how it becomes the substratum & foundation for your peace of mind. Develop greater awareness & consciousness as you create your inner sanctuary & reduce complexity around you. Anchor in & ground yourself while you allow the re-awakening process to unfold. Determine in any situation if you wish to be in observing or participation mode.

Ways To Self-Heal

Recognize the importance of moving through rather than avoiding healing. There are a range
of alternative modalities that will work alongside you, initially from external sources of
Earth’s energy & elements while you learn to ‘pull through’ your own capabilities to heal
intrinsically by way of my Metaphysics In Action &/or The Morphic Field work.

Rescue Yourself

Learn how to identify any incoherence projected towards you & how to shield against the potential its reoccurrence. Grasp the concept of compression-decompression-refinement as a natural process which leads to inner strengthening. Salvage what you have, release what you no longer want, face your issues & become your own saviour.Release Your Restraints Discern very clearly both self-imposed & external measures of control which may limit, restrict or curtail your existence. Familiarise yourself with removing programming, conditioning, obligations, manipulation/s & passive aggressive agendas from your energetic field. Confront & eradicate addictions, obsessions, compulsions, escapism & attachments by becoming aware of their origin & encumbrance.

Seek Answers Within

Detach from external entrainment to become fully self-referenced & internally aligned with your physical-emotional-mental-etheric-bodies. Truly connect with yourself to pull through knowledge from your cellular level to assist with retrieval of wisdom & enhance your own natural abilities. Everyone can do this, most have simply forgotten how.

Catch Upwards Thermals

Learn how to read the electromagnetic field through sensing the energetic vibrational frequency firstly within yourself, then applying this to your environment – or vice versa. Begin the motion of an upwards metaphysical experience through assembling & wielding your new tools.

“Soul attunement is the greatest investment you can make. Once you reacquaint with your whole self you will hear your own sage advice”

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