Metaphysics In Action



Helping you look within as you awaken to the multidimensional field of existence.

This is where scientific & etheric concepts merge to expose the bigger picture beyond the global construct we find ourselves living in. Stepping into this landscape unsupported can be extremely jolting, overwhelming & will impact your life so I can provide assistance & guidance to join the dots & bring the threads together.

To prevent disorientation & to help you remain grounded while exploring the true nature of your reality I advise a gradual approach at your own pace to allow the knowledge to surface, settle & decompress.

Depending on how awake and aware you are will determine your starting point. For some it is right at the beginning, for others it may be looking into the next facets along your path.

Due to the multifaceted nature and interconnection of this knowledge I have grouped information together under 3 topic headings, however all overlap & are not confined to
these divisions.

Understanding Personal Energy:

Energy Alignment & Attunement l Vibrational & Sonic Harmonic Frequencies l Cohesive Resonance l Chakra System & Personal Vortexes l Kundalini – Natural Activation l Energetic Signature l Energy Shifts, Downloads & Upgrades l Elemental Energyl Physical Body – Emotional Body – Mental Body – Etheric Body l Transmuting Energy l Compression & Decompression.

Realizing Multidimensional Connections:

Dimensional Densities l Portals & Vortexes – Natural & Enhanced l Nexus Points l Dimensional Travel, Projection, Remote Viewing, Timelines l Receiving & Transmitting (channelling, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, medium, psychic, conduit, empath,intuitive) l Meditation & Checking in l Individual & Collective Consciousness l Creation, Cocreation & Manifestation l Earth’s Transition & Ascension l Ascension Symptoms l Lightworkers, Gridworkers, Gatekeepers & Wayshowers.

Significance of Personal Sovereignty:

Connecting to your Whole Self (past & future lives overlay l Honouring, Clearing & Releasing Soul Contracts l Repair & Recover from Disconnections, Distortions & Cognitive Dissonance l Healing & Maintaining Peace of Mind l Remove Conditioning & Programming l Removing Energetic Hooks l Intrinsic Radar l Spiritual Awareness Vs Escapism l Spiritual Traps & Spiritual Materialism l Disclosure, Disinformation, Distractions & Discernment.

“Applying the gifts that I first became aware of age 6-8, which have since effusively activated combined with my ability to synthesize the information which is rapidly unfolding with my own experiences will help provide a frame of reference and coherence as your own quest for answers unfolds.”

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