Fortify Your Family



Fortify Your Family

Helping your family during these hectic & chaotic times. Succour your family during these increasingly frantic & chaotic times. Today’s lifestyle is energy taxing, hectic & confusing for many ~ add children to the mix & it’s common to drown in the relentless daily demands. It is so important to temporarily stand still, take a profound & considered examination of the condition you find yourself & immediate family in. Simple yet vigorous alterations can transform your dynamics & lifestyle. Adapt & reinstate measures to rebuild the connections & interactions within your household to resurrect your family.

Reinstall Your Energy

Reintroduce the vital alignment that should exist between your physical, emotional & mental
energy bodies to reinvigorate your capability to perform the numerous responsibilities associated with parenting.

Enriching Your Intentions

Recognise the role that forethought & deliberate conscious planning plays when setting your family goals & intentions to ensure they are both achievable & rewarding.

Maintain Your Momentum

Ascertain just what the central substance is that will support & carry your family through the
constant spectrum of highs & lows.

Arrange Your Surroundings

Scrutinise the collection of overloading & overwhelming pressures & clutter that restrict & dominate your family. Remove, restructure & convert your space into a calm, tranquil place.

Stabilize Your Emotions

Once you acknowledge the by-products of parenting can be; over-thinking, stress, anxiety,
fatigue, depression, trauma (post & current) you can then move from survival mode towards a
safe & unthreatened position to begin stabilising your emotions, eventually growing into your
rightful place as the heart & linchpin of your family.

Your Demarcation Lines

Limit unsolicited encroachments from people who over-reach by fastening & actuating the perimeters & margins you set up to protect your sacrosanct family domain.

Your Family Routines

As a young family starts out a series of daily tasks is both inevitable & needed. Reshape what
may have been demands into experiences that reconnect your family. These will evolve &
change shape as you do.

Locate Your Strength

The aptitude to persevere & face hardships coming out the other side undamaged & refined is
gained through the process of turning rage into resilience & finding meaning in adversity.

Fostering Your Worth

Only when you value, regard & tend to yourself can you thrive personally & then nurture your family, with the offshoot resulting in everyone benefiting. Incorporate regular & low maintenance self-care practices to recall who you once were.

Repair Your Relationship

I have saved the most salient for last ~ reconciling & renewing even the most fractured
relationships is a conceivable decision if you choose it. Far from being the easy default
option, this will entail work from both sides with no complete guarantee in the end. However
it is your chance to ensure no stone is left unturned.

“Making sure you are at peace and your energy levels are stable is vital when nurturing and giving out to others.”

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