Focus, Consulting & Contracting



Helping you focus on one area at a time.

Rather than covering too much ground at once you may prefer to identify one aspect to highlight, process and overcome, before moving onto the next. Or you might find parts from various packages that resonate with you, so the option of creating a bespoke session is available here. The list below targets the core issues that I explore & can provide you with a starting point to initiate upwards motion.

  • Personal Management, Goals & Organization
  • Physical Health, Fitness & Weight Management
  • Emotional & Mental Health Awareness & Recovery
  • Career Concerns, Issues & Support
  •  Stress, Burnout & Fatigue
  • Education Issues & Improvement
  • Relationship Rescue & Reinforcement
  •  Family Bolstering & Mediation
  • Surviving, Healing & Thriving
  • Recognize Vices, Crutches & Addictions
  • Transcend Crisis & Trauma
  • Authentic Leadership Style

All themes above are based on my personal experiences providing you with profound insight for developing your own unique methods and solutions.

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