Determined To Achieve



Helping students learn how to help themselves.
Passing on real methods to assist students discover & nurture their inner drive, courage & tenacity ~ particularly during times of perceived failure, while also learning how to help themselves rather than waiting for or expecting someone else to do it for them is vital for this generation.

This package draws 100% on my own experiences as I was the student who encountered difficulties yet achieved beyond expectation. I have been teaching in the Education Sector for 18 years & fully see through the idiosyncrasies of this large system & how to move through it successfully. I also hold a parents perspective having two children currently in the primary & intermediate years

Linking Inherent Components

Ascribe the connection between physical strength, emotional sturdiness & academic calibre. Through joining & uniting these aspects, each one is further uplifted as a whole to form the
foundation necessary for further growth as you move into young adulthood.

Design Intentional Goals

Understand goals can be reached when they are considered, purposeful, deliberately planned & match your desires. Aspirations & ambitions need to be methodical, grounded in & met with consistent persistence & resolve if they are to be achieved.

Find Stamina & Endurance

Unearth what drives you. Find the force to supply the intensity to push you onwards as opposed to easily veering off on an impetuous track. Detect how to maintain momentum without obsessive focus.

Coalesce Organizational Skills

Take command & ownership of self-management skills. Conduct your personal administration, preparation, planning & co-ordination of your surroundings in a responsible manner to become self-sufficient & self-reliant, which is the true feeling of satisfaction.

Emotions With Certitude

Emotions are sensations that are part of us & inescapable. Your mental wellbeing is crucial so acquire the means to manage your feelings with certainty & assuredness, with an approach that will carry you through the range of emotions ranging from stress & anxiety to panic attacks & depression.

Surmount Disappointments

Prevailing & rising above times of dismay, disillusionment & distress will enable you to gather personal encouragement towards encountering further challenges as the years unfold by expanding your capacity to conquer each one. Prepare Distinct Boundaries As over-reaching is becoming more common, introduce clear barriers to create an environment which is conducive to your ultimate success & will help generate positive surroundings.

“New Zealand’s education system is in flux & rapidly changing with both students and teachers often struggling to keep up. I offer information that enables balance to re-emerge for students who are feeling the impacts of this complex system.”

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