Pip Solomon

Although I grew up in what can be described from the outside as an idyllic family setting where my immediate physical & material needs were met, as a baby in 1976 at 2 weeks old I was adopted out under a closed adoption scheme. I had silently struggled from an early age with the emotional turbulence this type of circumstance can create. During my early teenage years when the delayed trauma hit me I experienced difficulties which led to a downward spiral.

Through my story I discuss how I managed to move from receiving a number of D’s and even an E in 3rd and 4th Form (Year 9 & Year 10) failing both School Certificate and Sixth Form Certificate to embark on a quest of self-discovery leading me to achieve an A Bursary, go on to University to gain a Science Degree and become a teacher in the NZ Secondary Education Sector for 18 years – superseded by the emanation of my metaphysical sensibility, I now teach & guide clients through the ‘maze’ as they make their own way.

Within my package Determined To Achieve I discuss the direct impact that fitness had in turning my life around at fifteen when I suddenly decided to start running. As my physical strength immediately increased I was drawn to many outdoor pursuits beginning with the Sir Edmund Hillary 15 day Odyssey Challenge / The Spirit of NZ / Outward Bound, then spring boarding into a range of personal outdoor adventures. When my physical calibre improved there was a simultaneous & parallel upturn in my emotional capacity. When both were combined the platform to increase my academic strength was naturally established & I achieved more than I had envisaged.

Where To Now stemmed from my jolting experience of having to abruptly stop and alter the direction of my life as the teaching profession that I was so proud of & had worked so hard to carve out a career in was showing signs of systemic cracks saturated with passive aggressive behaviour & interlaced with ineffective initiatives which were eroding the essence of this vocation. So I worked through my despair & anguish to develop techniques allowing me to step away with dignity & style, maintaining my integrity & facing my fears. I have since realised these techniques can be applied by a range of people in all sectors & industries when confronted with the uncomfortable yet necessary decision to unexpectedly change direction in life.

Fortify Your Family is an extension of putting all of my skills into practice when I was faced with my most relentless challenge ~ as a full-time working parent I found myself stretched in too many directions & needed to re-establish calm & effective routines, relationships & stability in order to function effectively as a whole family unit while still meeting the needs & demands of those who depended on me. In hindsight from the vantage place where I now stand having actually achieved what seemed to be an impossible task of pulling my family back together during immense stress & confusion I can say this has to be one of my most remarkable achievements.

There’s Another Way This is a recent addition to my Intrinsic work, born out of necessity to provide what I consider ‘safe passage’ as more & more people are waking up to the mechanics of how this reality is constructed. I have opened up & used more of my wayshowing abilities for those ready to take their initial tentative steps towards another way of existing. As incredible as this journey can be, I am fully aware that it is critical to also draw attention to the frantic & rushed nature of many trying to obtain spiritual enlightenment as though it is a commodity or prize, running off & making hasty decisions. So, I also teach how to recognise & protect yourself from; manipulation, escapism, materialism & cultural appropriation for spiritual purposes. Unfortunately, I also need to shed light on how to keep away from psychopathic or cultish behaviour of those who exist on the fringes of this flourishing ‘industry’. I teach the most effective measures to take as you pass through this divergent route.

Return To You Events over the past 18 months have enabled me to finally articulate & express the interplay which unfolded around me as I maintained a mostly sentinel position of observing & witnessing the murky energy many people are submerged in. It still astounds me that I actually remain thankful for these more recent experiences ~ the silver lining is clear to see as I returned back to the original modalities which I discovered years ago & brought them forward, coupled with real-time exposure to the vast array of mental & emotional tensions many people are experiencing yet seem unable to effectively move through, I now have the capability to deliver alternative tangible methodologies, remedies & recuperation choices.

Metaphysics In Action provides a gentle introduction into the complex multi-dimensional existence we are a part of. In recent years I revived & honed my own abilities when I went searching for my birthfather who had passed away prior to meeting. Unfortunately I had thought I had all the time in the world to meet him, but this was not the case. So I went looking for him another way… my way. This opened the door to a greater understanding of our reality, my own healing journey, personal expansion & the opportunity to apply my gifts. In this package I help people step over this confounding threshold where science meets etheric concepts & knowledge that has been largely suppressed, manipulated & distorted for thousands of years can surface. As the awakening process can lead to personal upheaval if embarked upon too rapidly I provide the support and reassurance often required as people take their first steps into re-discovering their unrestrained self.

The Morphic Field Spanning from one of my first memories at age 4 endeavouring to heal my mum’s migraines with only my hands, to receiving my first conscious activation when sitting in the Black Hills region of Yellowstone – Wyoming age 8 (later to discover at age 39 this was in fact sacred land for the Lakota Tribes) I have remained aware of enigmatic energy. Since 2013 I have been both retrieving & procuring the skills I require to now offer my own inimitable energy work using my own original techniques to help you find your own way.

Find Yourself Rarefied The unfortunate by-product I am seeing from the rapid growth within the spiritual community is harm or injury caused by people too eager & inexperienced to adequately be working on or with people. I am fortunate to have a brilliant team that have guided the growth of my work & I encourage people to really take their time reading through all that I deliver to know if I am the right person to work with. Because I hold such a crystallised energy field there will be times when I choose not to work with a certain client – this is for my protection & that of my Intrinsic Achievement business.